Welcome to our product spotlight!

We will be bringing you a new product each blog, discussing what the product is used for, why we recommend it, and how you can use it most effectively.

The first spotlight is on our ORAL HEALTH BUNDLE. This is a little pack of essentials and includes toothbrush, toothpaste and floss. We issue this pack to all our patients who attend for their preventive care, or hygiene, appointments. If you find yourself needing it more frequently than this, you can purchase extras in the surgery, or at our online store,

The toothbrush in this pack is excellent because it has soft bristles, making it nice and gentle on the gums while still removing the plaque. It also has a nice small head on it which allows easier access to the back teeth or hard to reach areas. You should change your toothbrush every 3 months (when the season changes is a good way to remember) to keep the brush hygienic and working efficiently.

The toothpaste we include in this pack is Colgate Total. It’s a great all-rounder toothpaste as it includes fluoride to protect the teeth against tooth decay, and also antibacterial agents to keep the gums healthy and reduce plaque and bacteria levels in the mouth. It may also help to reduce tartar build up, and help freshen breath. You should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes twice a day, then spit the toothpaste out but don’t rinse. You want to leave some of that toothpaste behind to continue working.

Lastly, the floss. This is a Care Dent tape floss, which means it is very thin, allowing it to get between tight spaces much easier. It also tends to shred less easily than some other flosses. Flossing is an important step in a good oral care routine, as it reduces plaque levels between the teeth where toothbrushes can’t reach. Having said that, if you are accustomed to using other methods such as Piksters, then these also suffice in cleaning between the teeth, and you don’t necessarily need to use floss in those cases.


The Oral Health Bundle is $12.00 AUD (+GST)

Keep a look out for the next blog, where we will be talking about Neutraflour toothpaste.

Happy brushing! (and flossing!).

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